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Kevin Bledsoe


About Kevin Bledsoe

At Marcus & Millichap, which is regarded as North America’s top commercial real estate investment brokerage house and financial consulting business, Kevin Bledsoe serves as the First Vice President of Investments for the Bledsoe Self Storage Group. Since its inception in 1971, Marcus & Millichap has grown to over 80 locations throughout North America and pioneered the trend of listing homes via a single brokerage agency.

Kevin received his undergraduate education at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he started working as a marketing research assistant for Polk-Lepson, a company specializing in consumer and business-to-business studies. Kevin helped with marketing efforts by doing field research, analyzing data, and reporting outcomes. Kevin’s involvement in the study process sparked a lifelong interest in him.

Kevin Bledsoe oversaw 30 facilities for the real estate firm PFG Capital in his next position. Kevin taught and supervised 45 people, partnering with them to ensure their job objectives were well understood. Kevin also collaborated closely with the regional director of marketing to explore strategies for maximizing advertising investment returns. Kevin collaborated with the capital improvements division to complete projects on schedule and below budget while also acquiring new income streams via truck and residential rental programs and cell tower contracts at each site.

Kevin’s job at Storage Asset Management, INC was to handle third-party management contracts and assess properties for groups looking for self-storage investment. He made recommendations on future expansions, reviewed on-site management, managed revenue, reviewed competitors, and created a strategy of success for storage and The UPS Store. He directed daily operations goals, implementation guidelines, branding strategies, budgeting plans, and sales targets while working with a team of 25 property managers and one assistant manager.

Kevin spent six years as the Vice President of Brokerage & Acquisitions for Investment Real Estate, LLC. Since being established in 1998, this firm has focused solely on the self-storage sector. They remain one of the few firms in the US that provides clients with an expert team for self-storage construction, development, and property management, as well as brokerage and feasibility services. From single homes to multi-million dollar portfolios, clients have benefited from the direction and counsel of educated specialists. Kevin and his team provided valuation data to potential self-storage buyers and sellers and feasibility studies to offer better insight into development opportunities for existing owners. As the Vice President of Acquisitions for DXD Capital, Kevin Bledsoe traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to set up and train the team responsible for researching and choosing self-storage facilities for acquisition purposes. 

In his present role as First Vice President of Investments, Kevin provides guidance on the market’s state and helps self-storage owners, operators, and developers determine the ideal time to acquire, sell, or hold onto assets.

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